Table of Contents  

George Washington:  A Timeless Hero 

Part One:  George Washington's Early Years

1.  Early Years
          Early Life
          Lawrence and the Fairfax Family
          First Job
          Lawrence's Death

2.  Early Military Adventures
          Major Washington
          Brushes with Death
          Aide to General Braddock
          Virginia's Commander-in-Chief
          Colonial Politics

Part Two:  The Man Behind the Legend

3.  Washington the Man
          Social Interests
          Youthful Romances
          Marriage and Family
          Relationship with His Mother & Other Relatives

4.  Character
          Opinions of His Character
          Moral Standards
          Washington's Temper

5.  Friendships

6.  Religious Beliefs
          Faith During War
          The President and Religion

7.  Views and Advice  
          Love and Marriage
          Advice on Growing Up & Success in Life

8.  Mount Vernon                                                            
          The Plantation
          Management from Afar

Part Three:  Washington at War

9. The American Revolution
          Stamps and Taxes
          The Boston Tea Party
          The Shot Heard Round the World 
          Prelude to Taking Command
          Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army

10. The Revolutionary War
          Defeats and Victories
          Hardships of War
          Washington's Critics
          Foreign Assistance
          Farewell and Resignation

Part Four:  Statesman and President

11. A Short Retirement
          The Constitution

12. America's First President
          Founding a Nation
          Washington's Cabinet

13. Second Term                                                            
          The French Revolution
          Jay's Treaty
          The Farewell Address

14. Retirement
          Brief  Recall to Service
          A Hero's Death
          A Nation Mourns