George Washington: A Timeless Hero

by Camelia Sims and Laura Gore
George Washington: A Timeless Hero captures the 
patriotism, adventures, victories, hardships, and 
tragedies of an extraordinary leader who challenged 
the world's greatest military power and led thirteen 
colonies to independence. 

We know that he was the commander-in-chief of the 
Continental Army that won the American Revolution, and 
later the first president of the United States. But who was 
he really, and is he still important or relevant today? 
George Washington: A Timeless Hero shows his importance to our nation, as well as who he was and what he believed, including many quotes showing his thoughts and feelings on a variety of subjects.  

George Washington was the most important man in America for 24 years.  He was universally respected for his leadership qualities, character and judgment.  His fame and popularity could rival that of today's superstars, and would be the envy of any political leader.  During his lifetime his image could be found on everything, portraits, pitches, bowls, needlework, etc.  

Since his youth he strived to make something of himself.  George Washington was the man who made good choices from his youth, who had a life-long respect for duty, and paid careful attention to personal character, reputation, and honor

George Washington was also the action hero of the 18th century.  He was a military hero, and an athletic, outdoors man, a great horseback rider whom Thomas Jefferson considered the best horseman of his time. 

George Washington is still important today because he is a genuine hero, a wonderful example and role model for all of us, and the standard by whom all other presidents have been measured.  He is important because his remarkable life and great accomplishments have profoundly impacted the outcome of the American Revolution, as well as the founding of the United States of America.  

Organized primarily in chronological fashion, George Washington: A Timeless Hero, includes all the highlights of Washington's exciting life and accomplishments, and has paid close attention to be historically accurate. 

This book includes several unique chapters focusing on his character, his friendships, his faith, and his advice to young people on education, love, marriage, and growing up to be successful.     

The research for this book included the Diaries of George Washington; The Writings of George Washington, and The Papers of George Washington.  The writing was a collaborative effort between a historian, Camelia Sims and a writer/editor, Laura Gore. The manuscript was reviewed by the Associate Editor of the Papers of George Washington at the University of Virginia.

Written in simple language for ages 10-17, the 106-page juvenile biography has also been received well by older adults who lack the time to read long books, yet want to learn more about our most important founding father.  

Softcover, 106 pages
Size: 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 in.
Price:  $ 8.95
ISBN 0-9677456-0-8

A juvenile biography for ages 10 to 17.
Our book has been selected by the Smithsonian Institution as suggested reading on the life of George Washington. It is listed on their website for the famous Washington portrait painted by Gilbert Stuart, and may be found under the heading "Middle and  High School"